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Following the successful implementation of leakage management by pressure control (methods originally conceptualized
in international markets), in SABESP- Sao Paulo, Restor intends to focus on other services, which have been tried and tested and have shown to be of interest to our existing international clients.

Although these services are available from many companies worldwide, very few international companies have experience
in very large water systems such as SABESP in Sao Paulo which was stated to be the largest individual water undertaking
by the IWA. Many other suppliers of this service also don’t have significant experience in developing countries, which is
where the large populations and therefore large potential sanitation problems often occur.

Along with Pressure control, other services provided will be:

Water loss control
Operational Control System (OCS)
System optimization
Hydraulic & Statistical Modeling
Meter testing and sizing

Sewer system analysis
Industrial inspections and audits
Transportation inspections (including dangerous goods)
Energy conservation
Demand side management (water and energy)