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Restor is a multi faceted service company, which was founded in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 1986. From 1986 until 1996 Restor specialized in maintenance services for Boilers, Chlorine Tanks and Industrial Machinery and in the area of accident prevention and preventative maintenance.

In 1996, using new international contacts, Restor became a supplier of specialized Electro-mechanical equipment,  measurement instruments, locators, leak detection instruments, recorders, controllers, valves, meters and hydraulic equipment.

Since then, Restor has taken a leading position in the national market of sales for water and sanitation equipment, always in touch with the leading edge technologies providing efficient and cost effective solutions for client’s problems.

Starting in January 2000, Restor adopted advanced Management concepts, intending to expand its domain and become responsible for the marketing and implementation of all international service work. Restor now intends to take a major share in the niche international market of water system optimization, water loss control and leak detection.

Restor's largest current product sales market is the water and sanitation market, and the company is now focused on improving the industrial sector and developing other sectors such as gas, energy and telecommunications.
On the service side Restor has been developing plans and contracts in South Africa, Canada, USA and in Mexico, constantly recruiting additional technical and engineering staff to support existing and new activities.


Restor has nationwide distribution in Brazil, who can provide local back up and after sales support.
As strategy, we advertise in trade journals and always attend the major trade shows. Over the next five years
we intend to segregate distribution not only by geographic area but also by industry sector.

Restor currently has working partnership agreements in Canada, USA, UK and South Africa. The company has recently
formed a new field services company with partner
RESTOR AFRICA in South Africa and intends to do form a high level consulting and marketing organization in North America. We are currently working on an arrangement for Mexico. It is Restors position that we should continue to research suitable partners in other geographic areas as opportunities arise.